Other Language Solutions that We Offer

official profile-winallVoice Over/ Dubbing

  • We also carry out dubbing or recording voice-over in many languages.  We have male and female voice artists and a range of ages. All of our voice talents are native speakers of their languages.
  • We have native voice artists in the following languages: English (from U.S.A., UK, Canada, Australia and Ireland), Spanish (from Spain, Mexico and Latin American), French (from France and Canada), Danish, German, Swiss German, Romanian, Swedish, Norwegian, Italian, Tagalog, Russian, Korean, Italian, Portuguese, Finnish, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Dutch, Persian, Hebrew, Polish, Farsi, Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi, Somali and a variety of language combinations.

Video Translation & Multilingual Subtitling

  • Win All Translation & Language Solutions Col. Ltd. also offers broadcast quality subtitling for TV shows, movies, documentaries, audio visual presentations, commercials, corporate videos, DVD, and website videos and webcasts, in over 100 languages and localized markets across the globe.  We will deliver in the format that you prefer.


  • We can provide transcription for any type of audio recording, even for the most difficult projects. We ensure that your transcript will have at least a 98% accuracy rate. Our transcriptionists are actual people working on your files, aided by some of the modern transcription software.

Contact us now:

Mobile #: 0943-674-1360 or 0917-852-1492

Landline: 02- 774-0840 or 02-586-9583

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Translation Company in the Philippines: German Document Translation Plus Other Languages

tarp win allAs a translation company based in the Philippines, Win All Translation & Language Solutions Co. Ltd. is able to provide German translation to various local companies and individuals for different purposes. Our team of bilingual German-English translators specialize in document or text translation.

We can translate the following files from German to English or vice versa:

Curriculum Vitae
Transcript of Records
Certificate of Employment
Website contents
pay slip
police clearance
marriage contract
birth certificate
and many more…

We also offer translation for other languages.

We can finish the translation of simple documents after 1 business day at a very reasonable price. Our translation is accompanied by a “Certificate of Translation” written in the target language, either German or English and that’s for free.

If you have inquiries, call us at:

landline: 02- 774-0840  or 02-586-9583
Mobile: 0943- 674-1360 /  0917-852-1492

You may also send us your scanned document for free evaluation:

If you would like to know more about our services, visit our website:

Our office is located at 266 P. Tuazon Blvd., Murphy, Cubao, Quezon City (Near Ali Mall or SM Cubao)

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Portuguese and English Translation

portugueseAre you heading for Angola to work? Do you need your employment papers to be translated from English to Portuguese? Our translation office in Cubao, Quezon City, can provide you with the much-needed document translation.

As a translation company in the Philippines, we have been translating documents, such as diploma, transcript of records, medical results, medical certificate, curriculum vitae or resume, and other similar papers from English to Portuguese.

Over the years, a lot of professionals who were hired as engineers, architects, surveyors, etc., turned to us for their translation requirements. We provide a “Certificate of Translation” that is also written in Portuguese, which is used in Angola.

If you need our assistance, don’t hesitate to visit our translation office us at # 266 P. Tuazon Blvd, Murphy, Cubao, Quezon City. We are near Ali Mall or SM Cubao.

You can also text or call us at # 0943-674-1360 or 0917-852-1492.

Feel free to discuss your translation requirement with our translation team. Call our landline: 02- 774-0840  or 02-586-9583

Please see our website:

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Korean Translation and Interpretation

south koreaThe Philippines and South Korea have an established bilateral relationship. This has led to Korean wave in the country. In the same way, a lot of Filipinos visit South Korea as workers and tourists.

So if you are taking trips to South Korea and need some documents translated to Hangeul, our translation office is ready to serve you. Our translation company in the Philippines specializes in text translation of various files, such as bank statements, diploma, transcript of records, passport and visa.

We can also translate subtitles, scripts, and website contents from Korean to English and vice versa.

Our translators are either Filipinos who passed TOPIK or Koreans who are bilingual and are considered professional translators. A lot of them are also language teachers.

If you have documents or files for translation, don’t hesitate to email us at

We can also provide on-site Korean interpreters for your business meetings or local tours.

You can also call us at the following numbers:

Landline:  02- 774-0840  or 02-586-9583
Cell phone: 0943-674-1360 or 0917-852-1492

Our office address is: 11th floor, Stone-Henge Building, 266 P. Tuazon, Cubao, Quezon City. we are near Ali Mall or SM Cubao

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Gold Seal of Accurate Translation

seal of accuracyOur translation is accompanied by a “Certificate of Translation” that bears our company’s “Gold Seal”. This indicates that the translation done on every document is accurate, comprehensible, and official.

This Certificate of Translation is recognized by various embassies, universities, government agencies, banks, and other institutions here and abroad.

So if you are looking for a certified translation, turn to us. As a language company based in Manila, Win All Translation and Language Solutions Co. Ltd. can take care of your translation and other language-related requirements.

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Korean Language Tutorial

Aside from translation and interpretation services, Win All Translation and Language Solutions Co. Ltd. (formerly JC WAY), also offers language tutorial.

2011-11-17-09-32-271Complete Basic Korean Course

350 Pesos per hour (class/small group)

550 Pesos per hour (one-on-one)

10 sessions for 60 hours. The duration of each session is 6 hours.

You will learn the following:

The Korean Vowels
The Korean Consonants
Korean Daily Expressions
Korean Numbers, Date and Time
How to write, read, and speak
and many more….

Our official tutors are TOPIK (Test of Proficiency in Korean) passers and have an extensive experience in teaching Korean for review classes.

Set an appointment with us to discuss your requirements.

For more details, contact us now.

Our Location (Philippines):
266 P. Tuazon Blvd., Murphy,
Cubao, Quezon City

02- 774-0840  or 02-586-9583

0943-674-1360 or 0917-852-1492

E-mail Address:

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Top Translation Company in the Philippines and Asia

2013-08-02 08.42.14Win All Translation and Language Solutions Co. Ltd. (formerly JC WAY Translation) is a translation company that offers the most reasonably-priced and high quality translation and interpretation services in Asia. We remain to be the top choice of clients from various industries and fields. We provide text or document translation for all language combinations.

Our official translators are all native speakers of the language they represent and are either bilingual or multilingual. This means that our translators can provide translation into or from English and other languages. This allows us to deliver translation outputs that are accurate and yet comprehensible.

As a translation agency based in the Philippines, we can guarantee that our translation and interpretation rates are relatively affordable compared to that of other translation companies across Asia and other parts of the globe. In fact, we are trusted by international and multinational companies anywhere in the world. A lot of the companies turn to us for translation of highly important documents, such as technical manuals, legal contracts, financial statements, and many more.

Locally, we also have individual clients who entrust their personal papers to us for translation. Most of these individuals are overseas workers and immigrants. We can easily translate their simple documents, which include employment papers, emails, letters, birth certificates, marriage contracts, passport, visa, diploma, transcript of records, and others.

Contact us, (mobile0943-674-1360 or+63917-852-1492 / (landline)  02- 774-0840  or 02-586-9583 

Viist our official website:

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